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built myself an ORCΛ controlled webcam pad/drone

looking forward to sketch myself a deck of wavetables

2019/02/11 / posted in music

i'm having lots of fun with Hundred Rabbits' ORCΛ lately!
fm synths with ofxPDSP

2019/01/17 / posted in music

the graincube

controlled with the etherdelta android accelerometer to OSC program

2017/09/14 / posted in music

maybe i should make a robotic version someday

2017/01/05 / posted in music

joystick controlled graindrone, wolfram automata sequenced zaps and an old good steel barrel : one of my favourite jam setups ever

( focare 2016 )

2016/12/23 / posted in music

reese bass markov chain --> things getting interesting

2016/12/01 / posted in music