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I think of empty space not only as some kind of currency you can use to host objects, but as something with its own value.

Empty space is open to any possibility and a busy place can quickly make me confused and distracted. I keep my spaces in a flowing balance between order and disorder, ready to be reconfigured for a new need or situation. Whenever I can I keep one of the walls empty. I love white walls.

Evaluating emptiness as more important than the things it can contain, I avoid owning many objects. I avoid owning any (digital) object that works against me in favour of a third party, even though I still own a smartphone. I like everything that is built to last, and I prefer having the satisfaction of becoming skilled with a tool instead of owning something that is easy to use.

I avoid having things I don't use often. Everything that is not frequently used should be collectivized so it doesn't take its toll on the free space of the individuals.

I consider everything I built from scratch as a master. A potter could say while working on the lathe that you are making a vase as much as a vase making you. But unfortunately (or fortunately?) I don't make pots for myself but software, with all that implies.

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