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"After the recent outburst of the Plague, you got a letter from the Guilds."

600 mana for the plague (hypercard stack)
5 minutes point and click adventure made for Merveilles Hyperjam 2020 on a Mac System 7 emulator

you can play it online on (cw: loud beep at emulator start, javascript) or you can get an archive from me and the instructions for the Mac Plus emulator here, and play with a beautiful forgotten OS

2020/04/08 / posted in visuals

tecnica del taglio delle nebbie

( code )

2020/01/12 / posted in visuals

smoke mantra / dirty monitor

2019/10/08 / posted in visuals

tweaked my luajit scripting sandbox for easy import and playback of .png folders

testing out with some vertical bars i drew with the marker

2019/09/15 / posted in visuals

just coded a tool for importing all my doodles frame by frame by using webcam

maybe it's too raw to be called "animation", but i like that the movement of the frames comes out of imperfection, if i would be able to perfectly draw the same thing over and over and to import it without error the result would have been still and lifeless

edit: the latest version of this tool is avaible in scriptsuite

2019/07/28 / posted in visuals

coded my own a little livecoding sandbox, supporting 2d primitives, cyclic modulations and png loading

( code )

2019/07/24 / posted in visuals