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infected clock II

( code )

2020/10/27 / posted in visuals

"il difficile compito di recuperare la cauzione da chi può shiftare fase"

( youtube link )

2020/04/10 / posted in music

motore immoto #1
p. 03/04

( zine pdf )

2020/07/09 / posted in ink

"After the recent outburst of the Plague, you got a letter from the Guilds."

600 mana for the plague (hypercard stack)
5 minutes point and click adventure made for Merveilles Hyperjam 2020 on a Mac System 7 emulator

you can play it online on itch.io (cw: loud beep at emulator start, javascript) or you can get an archive from me and the instructions for the Mac Plus emulator here, and play with a beautiful forgotten OS

2020/04/08 / posted in visuals


2020/03/22 / posted in ink

"il piano delle ombre non si è ancora gentrificato"

( youtube link )

2020/03/04 / posted in music