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There are some years that I practice what many people in the world call "creative coding": using code and crafting computer programs as mean of expression.

Although the general trend in this field is to be enthusiast about every latest software framework, vaporware device or fashionable tech, I started being unsatisfied with this modus operandi, even more as it clearly goes against my ethics on objects. What many people call "innovation" can be equally called a bug of our civilization by others.

So I made a selection on the hardware and software I was using the most, and I started to rewrite my tools from scratch with less dependencies, to keep my things running on second hand gear and stop being forced to chase the "latest and greatest" stuff I don't actually need.

My workstation is an Asus Zenbook UX303LA. It's named "lazarus" as it died once, due to a faulty design, and then resurrected. It has the low power version of the Intel i5 processor (4th gen) for a good balance between energy usage and processing power, with an integrated video card supporting openGL 3.3 (I love to code shaders).

My "recording studio" consisting of:

The periphericals I use to receive input or control visuals are:

For drawing I use:

Stuff not pictured here: