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pillars : parasitic constructions

Modified life without death automaton : B24/S01234567, 12 iteration each pulse, 30ms/frame left, 31ms/frame right.

2014/01/17 / posted in visuals

halo : scaleworm

2014/01/07 / posted in visuals

bars : seeds

2014/01/05 / posted in visuals

wolfram automata stroke studies

Scrolling wolfram automatas specularized. The seed is not a single live cell but an array of randomly populated live cells (80% density, after randomization the same array is used for all the rules).

2013/12/28 / posted in visuals

halo : jittercrown II

2013/12/27 / posted in visuals

cellular automata stroke studies

I have to say: i love the infective growth of cellular automatas, i’m gonna surely explore as much rulesets as i can.

2013/12/26 / posted in visuals